Robust Substance For Your Trademark Valuations.

  • As of today, MARKABLES contains the results of 10,785 trademark valuations and 7,255 customer valuations published in the financial reportings of over 15.000 listed companies from all over the world. View trademark sample records food, airline, bank
  • These valuations stem from purchase price allocations, impairment tests, trademark deals, intragroup royalty payments, and from other occasions.
  • Each record contains trademark value, revenues, reported or implied trademark royalty rates, customer value, enterprise value, trademark profit split, and other data, and a detailed description of the business as of the date of the valuation.
  • All trademark values and royalty rates are audited and/or conforming to accepted accounting standards, i.e. fair value, market price or arm’s length.
  • Few records containing only partial information are charged at half price.
  • Data allow the benchmarking and comparison of most meaningful valuation ratios and multiples.
  • Cases are truly global from over 100 countries and most up-to-date, with 60% of entries from the last 5 years.
  • Regular updates. Approximately 1,000 new entries per year.
  • Open to scrutiny. Published and audited data.
  • Coverage. MARKABLES’ coverage of products and services is unmatched. MARKABLES contains 10 times more guideline cases for brands and trademarks than any other commercial IP valuation database. You will find true comparables to nearly all of your subject cases. For example radiologist, mobile app, cruise line, funeral, real estate developer, mushroom grower, culinary arts college, rock music festival, stock exchange, to name a few rather unusual businesses listed in MARKABLES.
  • Significance. Cases represent established, running branded businesses that are easily comprehensible and assessable. Ample additional details about the nature, business and positioning of the valued trademarks are available in the public domain.
  • Relevance. Cases relate to the value of ownership in a trademark, and not to a surrogate derived from leasing some parts of it – as is typical in licensing.
  • All-encompassing. In addition to revenue based royalty rates, MARKABLES relates trademark value to enterprise value, profit, and customer value. Further, MARKABLES provides indications for the useful life of trademarks.
  • Sustainability. Data render the justification of your trademark valuations substantiated and credible. Downloadable as PDF or Excel to support your documentation.
  • Fast and easy. Fully self-serviced. You yourself search, select, checkout and analyze the data you need. 24/7. Straightforward and attractive pricing. No flat fees. You just pay by the number of records you purchase. see pricing
MARKABLES can be most useful in different situations of trademark valuations, including but not limited to
  • purchase price allocation (PPA) and impairment testing
  • M&A and investment valuation
  • trademark sale
  • transfer pricing
  • determination of royalty rates
  • securitization and financing
  • litigation and damage calculation
MARKABLES is used by
  • corporate finance advisors
  • transfer pricing and tax advisors
  • accountants and auditors
  • valuation specialists, business and IP appraisers
  • financial analysts
  • licensing specialists
  • M&A and investment advisors
  • trademark attorneys and IP lawyers
  • litigation experts
  • academics

Searching MARKABLES is as easy as a purchase on an e-commerce website like Amazon.

1. Sign-in

To search MARKABLES, you need to be signed in. Being signed in does not require any fixed payment. You pay only when you check out the selected records from you shopping cart.

2. Search

You can search MARKABLES for relevant, comparable cases by keywords, product codes and other criteria. On each step of your search, the search engine shows the number of records matching various search critera.

Typically, you start your search widely and narrow it down in subsequent steps. You can also search for a specific term, and expand your hit list from there.

3. Select

The hit list displays relevant details about each record. From there, you select each single record that you deem to be comparable to your subject case, by adding them to your shopping list, and then to your shopping cart. Move selected items back and forth between shopping list and shopping cart if you want to split your purchase into several parts.

4. Purchase

By checking out your shopping cart, you electronically pay the purchased records with any credit card. The purchased records are then transferred to your personal account.

5. View

Purchased records can be opened and viewed in their entirety on the screen, or downloaded as PDF files onto your computer. Each record includes a comprehensive description of the valued brand and business, and a full set of data, ratios and multiples related to the valuation. View trademark sample records food, airline, bank

6. Organize

All purchased records remain fully accessible in your personal account for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. In your account, you can organize them in different folders according to your specific needs.

7. Analyze

Most analysts rely on statistics instead of single random data. The statistical tool provides easy, fully automatic calculation of frequency distribution, means and interquartile ranges for the most important ratios. You can download the results of your statistical analysis as PDF or Excel.

“I thank you very much for your support as well as for your data and report which have been extremely useful.”

Financial Analyst, Edmond de Rothschild France

“I congratulate you on building this database. I think it will become a globally important tool for valuation and accounting of brands.”

University Professor of Marketing and Brand Management, Spain

“We are very satisfied with the data and information you provide, we find it accurate and relevant. We hope that one day similar data will be available for the valuation of technology and software.”

Manager, Eight Advisory, France

“We have really enjoyed the service and the great information you provide.”

Manager Valuation and Forensic, Dixon Hughes Goodmann US

“Unlike other royalty rate data bases, MARKABLES is very easy to use, pertinent and affordable. We saved a lot of time that otherwise would have been spent researching for comparable trademarks, reading license agreements, estimating royalty rates, etc. Its record summary reports are prepared in a standardized format which simplifies data analysis; the best of all is its flexible payment method in which you pay only for the information you need.”

Manager Business Valuations, KPMG Mexico

“I always had problems finding licensing transactions that truly reflect the economics of a trademark. MARKABLES is a searchable database of pure trademark information from valuations of trademarks performed for PPA purposes. The data is presented as “pure-play” trademark data (i.e., not a basket of rights).  I found the concept and the data to be very robust.”

Director, Valuation Boutique US

“We see much potential in this database.”

Manager Valuation and Financial Modeling, PwC Singapore

“Our major problem with trademark valuations was that we rarely found licensing transactions within or close to the subject category. With MARKABLES, we retrieved fully comparable data even at a very narrow product level.”

Director Valuation, BDO Canada

“After using MARKABLES, we understand that analyzing branded businesses instead of licensing agreements provides a much deeper understanding of the real economics and value drivers behind any brand. The interquartile analysis is a powerful tool to derive appropriate valuation multiples.”

Principal Audit & Assurance, Grant Thornton Philippines

“Extremely interesting and worthwhile!”

Partner Transfer Pricing, Fidal France

“The most insightful moment with MARKABLES was when I realized that 16 out of 18 brands in my peer group in branded software had been assigned limited useful lives.”

Senior Analyst, Valuation, Deloitte UK

“Relating the value of a brand to its revenues (i.e. through appropriate royalty rates) is one part of the valuation exercise, relating it to profitability and enterprise value the other (i.e. through profit split). MARKABLES perfectly combines both directions from one set of data.”

Principal Economist, Baker & McKenzie US

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  • Accuracy
  • Alvarez & Marsal
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