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July 29, 2016

Do business appraisers lowball brand value?

Accountants are often believed to be very conservative and to habitually underestimate the level of income attributable to brands they value. Looking at facts, this turns out to be a myth.

Accountants and business valuation professionals are neither more nor less
conservative to value brands than specialized brand consultants or marketers. There is no reason at all for accountants and business appraisers to stand in the shadow of specialized brand valuation firms. And marketers should finally begin to accept business appraisers, corporate finance advisors, and accountants as unbiased and experienced partners to value their most important assets: brands and customer relations. They have one important advantage over specialist brand valuators: They understand the value of all different assets of an enterprise and not only that of brands. Download the full article of Christof Binder in Business Valuation Update here.

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