Software is a set of instructions, data or programs used to operate computers and execute specific tasks. Software usually comes in the form of system software, application software including games, and programming software. In many instances, software contributes to future profits. In the software sector itself, developed (packaged) software is the main product offering that is sold to third parties. In some sectors with digitized business models, developed (proprietary) software can constitute a major competitive advantage. If so, software must be considered a separable intangible asset that can be sold, transferred, licensed etc.

Software constitutes on average 6%-7% of the intangible value of businesses. For software vendors, software often represents their most important (or primary) intangible asset.



of all intangible assets




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Support your software valuation with one of the widest selections of comparable market data. Our database covers a large and up-to-date set of packaged software (third party software), and proprietary edge software of fully digitized businesses. Our focus is on proven and established software enjoying market acceptance. We don't bother you with early stage, unproven, hard-to-compare software.

For each software case, MARKABLES reports detailed information including the following, and more:


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