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June 19, 2022

German government agency refers to MARKABLES as commercial database for royalty rates in technology transfer

SPRIN-D is a German Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation. SPRIN-D is creating spaces for innovators where they can take risks and think radically different. Supported by Federal Ministry of Economics, SPRIN-D supports “high potentials” from research institutions, universities and industry with money and know-how before, during and after their company formation so that they can successfully bring their inventions to market.

In a recent position paper, SPRIN-D had a closer look at the financial and legal relations between technology transfer organisations (TTOs) and and business founders. As a result, SPRIN-D calls for a radical new approach in IP transfer. Instead of old-fashioned licensing or fixed fee compensation models, SPRIN-D favours the „IP for virtual shares“ approach.

In this context of state-of-the-art IP transfer 3.0, SPRIN-D mentions MARKABLES as commercial vendor of IP related data and royalty rates (page 8 of the paper).

Thank you, SPRIN-D. We will support business founders wherever we can.

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