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May 4, 2018

MARKABLES comparable royalty rates database – High degree of comparability of data found by Grant Thornton

MARKABLES comparable royalty rates database – Grant Thornton of Poland was retained to value the trademark of Ventures S.A., a company listed in Poland and engaged in website creation, online advertising and internet hosting services. The valuation was performed as of June 30, 2017 to support the issuance of a bond. The valuation report was published in the IR section of Fachowcy’s website.

Grant Thornton applied the royalty relief method and searched both MARKABLES and ktMine for comparable royalty rates. Grant Thornton selected seven directly comparable cases from MARKABLES and concluded on a royalty rate of 4.76% (upper quartile). Shortlisted license agreements of ktMine were all rejected for their “low degree of similarity” with the subject business, and for their age (with the most recent of these agreements dated 2009).

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