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December 11, 2020

MARKABLES mentioned as royalty rate data source in Sikich White Paper on Measuring Damages

Sikich LLP is a leading professional services firm specializing in accounting, advisory, technology and managed services. Founded in 1982, Sikich now ranks within the top 30 largest Certified Public Accounting firms in the US and is among the top one percent of all enterprise resource planning solution partners in the world. The Sikich Forensic & Valuation team offers forensic accounting, investigation, damage analysis, valuation and forensic technology specialties.

In 2018, Sikich has published a white paper titled “Navigating the Challenges in Measuring Damages in Misappropriation of Trade Secrets Matters”. Based on important case law, the paper elaborates on aspects including quantifying future damages, analyzing the impact of apportionment, estimating reasonable royalty, time-frame for measuring damages, allocation of expenses in quantifying defendant’s profits, double-counting, and valuation of early-stage trade secrets.

In the context of estimating reasonable royalty, the paper mentions MARKABLES as a data source for comparable royalty rates. The full version of the white paper is downloadable here.

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