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Problems to find meaningful comparable data for trademark valuations? Frustrated with data from license agreements? See what MARKABLES can offer you in support of your valuation projects.

Case Studies.

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MARKABLES provides data which relate the trademark to its revenues, to profits, and to other assets of the business. See from case studies in B2B (temporary staffing) and B2C (watches) markets how multiples and ratios from MARKABLES can be applied to support your specific brand valuation case.

Brand Valuation Savviness.

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MARKABLES and its associates engage in the evolution of brand valuation knowhow and methodology. Read about the latest research findings and articles, and improve your knowledge about brand valuation and brand value drivers.

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As of today, MARKABLES contains the results of 10,785 trademark valuations and 7,255 customer valuations. View trademark sample records food, airline, bank

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Open to scrutiny. Published and audited data, which is comparable, relevant, comprehensive, sustainable, ...

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MARKABLES can be most useful in different situations of trademark valuations, including but not limited to ...

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Searching MARKABLES is as easy as a purchase on an e-commerce website like Amazon.

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“Unlike other royalty rate data bases, MARKABLES is very easy to use and affordable. We saved a lot of time ...

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The valuation of trademarks and brands is and will be a specialty within the valuation of intangibles ...

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