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July 19, 2022

Recent use case for MARKABLES data in Brazil – internet services

Recently, MARKABLES was mentioned in another valuation report in Brazil (“Laudo de Avaliação”) related to the acquisition of Guaíba Telecomunicação Sistemas e Informação Ltda by Unifique Telecomunicações S.A.

Guaíba is an internet service provider and has 20,000 accesses (mostly broadband) in the cities of Porto Alegre (south zone), Eldorado do Sul, Mariana Pimentel, Guaíba, Barra do Ribeiro and Sertão Santana. The acquisition was executed on Dec 31, 2021. The valuation report, provided by Taticca Auditores e Consultores Ltda., was approved by Unifique’s shareholder meeting on Mai 31, 2022.

Among other assets, Taticca performed a valuation of Guaíba’s trade name which it based on comparable data taken from the MARKABLES database. Based on a peer group of 21 trade names in similar businesses, Taticca concluded on an appropriate royalty rate of the Guaíba trade name of 1.38% on net revenues.

The full valuation report is downloadable here (in Portuguese). Thank you for using our data, Taticca!

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